About us

Country Dance Programs began with the establishment of the Mountain Folk Festival in 1935 as a celebration that shares folk traditions with the youth of the Appalachian region, and is currently in its 81st year.

In 1938, Frank H. Smith established the Country Dancers as an organization to represent Berea College and promote folk dance. He developed Christmas Country Dance School that same year, to train folk dance leaders from the Appalachian region.

Christmas Country Dance School continues to educate leaders today. The Country Dancers continue to spread the joy of folk dancing, and participate in the annual Mountain Folk Festival.

Learn how to become part of these fun-filled celebrations and traditions that promote community!

Our Programs

Country Dancers

Since 1938, the Berea College Country Dancers have shared the joy of dancing, performing and leading workshops regionally, nationally, and internationally, delighting audiences with energetic or elegant renditions of tradition-based dances of Europe and the Appalachian region.

The Mountain Folk Festival

The Mountain Folk Festival is a joyful celebration of community, tradition, innovation, friendship, music and movement. Youth from 4th to 12th grade are the focus for the weekend, with opportunities for adults in dance leadership as well.

Christmas Country Dance School

Christmas Country Dance School is a full week of learning and sharing a wide variety of folk dances, including contra, square, English, Scandinavian, and Appalachian dances; singing, dance music, and selected crafts. CCDS offers instruction and materials to share with recreation programs, teaching situations, or personal benefit.