Berea College is a four year accredited institution that guarantees no student pays for tuition. Berea College encompasses many dance influences. The college offers 25 dance classes and a minor in dance, as well as 10 dance groups led by faculty or students. For information about each of the dance groups, see our clubs and organizations.

In the 1930’s folk dance became widespread throughout the campus, and weekly dances occurred regularly. Today, students  can enjoy folk dance through street dances, like the one displayed in the picture above. Street dances are held in front of Boone Tavern accompanied by live music, where a caller instructs and prompts the dancers.

Because of the success of Country Dance Programs and the popularity of contra and square dances, our Berea community has several regular community dances, such as the third Friday and fourth Saturday contra dances, the second Saturday English country dances, and many others within a 2-hour drive.

The Country Dancers have a tour somewhere every semester, spreading the joy of dance by performing at public events. They even danced at the Kennedy White House in 1963! The Country Dancers perform at a full-length Convocation each spring, following our spring tour. The college dance programs also sponsors several dance performances each year that the Country Dancers perform in, including “Berea Dances” and “Rep Yo’ City,” along with Mountain Day and Homecoming.

Dean Berry and his wife, Lisa, President Lyle Roelofs and First Lady, Laurie Roelofs, join the Country Dancers after their Homecoming BereaFEST performance, and, of course, Molly, the First Dog of BC

Why Study Dance?

Dance is still an important part of the life of Berea, for many reasons. Dance opens doors to personal creativity and expressiveness. Dance provides physical and mental exercise simultaneously. Dance is a way of socializing and participating in healthful recreation. For many, dance is a great stress reliever.

Students who choose the Minor in Dance come from fields as diverse as Education, Biology, Physical Education, Psychology, and Nursing. Some choose it for personal development, while others plan to pursue careers in such fields as Dance Therapy, Theater, Music, Counseling, or Physical Therapy. Because dance is required in elementary and secondary education, a certified teacher with a Minor in Dance may be a more attractive candidate for a teaching position.