Christmas Country Dance School is an intergenerational gathering of social folk dancers that is accompanied by live musicians that perform throughout the week. This tradition has continued for more than seventy-five years spreading the joy of dance! There are a variety of dance styles taught, such as English, American, Irish, and Scandinavian. This program is a learning opportunity to develop music, song and craft skills. One of the goals of Christmas school is to educate the future leaders of the dance community.

This education is not only available to adults, but is also offered for teenagers between the ages of thirteen to seventeen. Adolescents wishing to participate in Christmas Country Dance School must be accompanied by an adult. This is a community open and welcome to any and all who wish to share the tradition of dancing and fun. Christmas school begins and ends with an evening dance on December 26th and on January 1st.

Every day of the week is filled with a variety of classes taught by the staff below, with Parlor at the lunch break and dances to end the day. Parlor is a chance to share stories of past, present, and future events, show off some snazzy skill, or sing a song taught down the generations. Classes are taught by prominent dancers, both CCDS alumni and community members. These classes change each year, as well as the focus. Last year’s classes ranged from contra for all to Morris dance for all to Bollywood for all.  Another year was primarily English style dancing, and yet another year was a mix of different styles.

There’s also classes for people who need to give their legs a rest. Craft classes such as Temari and weaving that are offered, as well as beginner music classes. Keep an eye out for what kind of classes are offered in the brochure. The community and knowledge offered at this program is truly worth experiencing, and we hope to see you there!”

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