Country dancing is based on rural traditions. Country Dance programs at Berea College recognize many different kinds of country dance, but specialize in the following:

  • English Country Dances and American Contra Dances are organized so that everyone has the opportunity to dance with everyone else, helping to build an atmosphere of cooperation.
  • Morris and sword dances from the British Isles date from the fifteenth century. With clacking sticks and ringing bells, they harken back to festivals welcoming the change of the seasons.
  • Dances from Denmark reflect the energetic and very sociable Danish culture.
  • And of course, old time Appalachian square dance and clogging show the heritage and spirit of the region in which we reside. Square dances include 4-couple sets as well as 2-couple sets, such as in Kentucky set running or big sets.

Berea College is affiliated with the Country Dance and Song Society, a national organization specializing in English and North American traditions: