Mountain Day

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The Country Dancers will be performing!

Watch the sunrise

Listen to the choir sing as you watch the sunrise over Berea.

The sunrise with friends.

The sunrise with friends.

Hike the Pinnacles with the Country Dancers and watch as they dance the sun up! Mountain Day is a wonderful opportunity to welcome fall and bond with others.  It is well worth getting up early if you want to watch the sunrise, which will be accompanied by the Concert Choir and dances by the Country Dancers. After that, at 10:00 the main program begins at the base of the mountain and will include dances and music from a variety of student groups, including the Country Dancers, contests sponsored by various campus organizations and student clubs, face painting, and T-shirt dying.  Lunch will be served on the Berea forest ground and is available for purchase by the public, but is free for Berea College students and faculty. Throughout the event, Ale-8 drinks, kettle corn, and cotton candy will be served! What a great way to spend your day!!