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Ashley Mathis’s Favorite Part to Denmark Trip

June 21-July 10, 2017: The Berea College Country Dancers, Bluegrass Ensemble, Berea Festival Dancers, Folk Circle Association, Rapa Bora Morris Team and Lexington Vintage Dancers joined together to visit Denmark this summer. When asked what was her favorite part of the trip, Ashley said, "Being able to share the Berea bubble and our Berea culture [...]

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Differences between Denmark and America

July 3, 2017: As we prepare to leave Aalborg and go celebrate America’s Independence Day with the Rebild Danish-American Friendship Society we asked about differences in Denmark. "It has been kind of interesting just to see the differences in the stores and the different things that they have, such as the furniture where you can [...]

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Country Dancers travel to Denmark with Folk Circle Association!

Beginning with our performance to an enthusiastic crowd at a soggy St. Hans Festival in the beach town of Løkken on June 23, and ending with a weekend in the capital city of Copenhagen from July 7-9, the Country Dancers enjoyed hyggeligt hospitality, delicious and plentiful food, cultural experiences, and well-received performances in Denmark this [...]

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Feeding the masses

Just as sharing dance builds community, food is the fuel that binds us all together...and the Chinese create food that makes us fall in love with our experience even more.   Food is shared communally, prepared in ways that chopsticks become the perfect tool for reaching across and stealing something away.  Flavors are so distinctive, [...]

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